Glass paintings

Glass has always fascinated humanity. It is a multifaceted, valuable, and inspiring material with unique properties. Glass possesses a certain magic; it has the ability to draw our gaze into the depth of its expression.

These qualities of glass—lightness, transparency, and depth effect—are the constants in the endless possibilities of artistic engagement with glass in color and form.

Painting on glass is a technique I have developed experimentally over the years. I paint with the finest glass pigments, which are fused into the glass at high temperatures, bonding to create a unified entity. This process achieves the highest level of lightfastness and a deep color brilliance that is unparalleled.

"I am fascinated by my new glass paintings; the depth of color and the light ambiance in the room impress me." - Silvia v.S. from Regensburg

The most fascinating aspect of glass, however, is the ability to create with light. An intriguing composition of color, light, and depth.

Light penetrates through the layers of glass, filling the entire space with its play of colors. With each piece, you acquire not only a painting but also a light installation.

Lighting Demo

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Through this lighting demonstration, you can get a glimpse of how different background illuminations reveal new facets within the painting. All glass paintings can be equipped with colored background lighting. This allows you to change the lighting color at the touch of a button or automatically, achieving a completely new spatial effect.

In addition to the obvious color change, the depth effect of the glass also transforms, revealing new details depending on the lighting.

Feel free to visit me by appointment at my workshop or one of my exhibitions to experience firsthand the spatial effect of my glass paintings.

Picture gallery