Wine Art

Inspired by a rustic vaulted cellar made available to me for an exhibition in the Franconian wine village of Ramsthal, the idea of Wine Art was born.

It’s a kind of recycling, creating sustainable, witty, aesthetic, different, and extraordinary artworks from wine bottles.

Wine bottles in all their countless shades of green. Mysterious and deeply intertwined with our Franconian wine culture. Bocksbeutel and other wine bottles are deformed at high heat, giving them a new meaning.

I sometimes deform the bottles in a representational way, so that they round off the ambiance for wine connoisseurs as bowls for small delicacies. Additionally, you can use the deformed bottles as stylish light bowls in your home or establishment.

As table decorations, the melted wine bottles are a real eye-catcher in your wine shop, restaurant, pub, wine cellar, or beer garden.

In my permanent exhibition at the Schwarzacher Tower in Sommerach, there are some objects available for purchase, but you can also contact me to order a larger quantity of my Wine Art objects for the decoration of your establishment.

The other part of my work is dedicated to free deformation, resulting in extraordinary and bizarre light objects. This is also where the idea for glass jewelry was born.

"Art may not be the bread, but it is certainly the wine of life." - Jean Paul

Wine Art can also be understood as event art for wineries and wine shops.

For your event, we will decorate your venue with artistic light objects created from wine bottles.

If you want to offer your guests something truly extraordinary, you can enrich your event with an artistic, acrobatic dance performance.

A unique experience combining art and wine.

If you’re interested, you can contact me HERE.


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