About Me


Petra Markert, from Bad Kissingen

Education at the Academy of Design in Ebern

Focus on Art and Design

2002 diploma thesis awarded by the Bavarian State Government for special achievements

Freelance artist since 2003

Numerous solo and group exhibitions, sales to private and public companies and institutions, numerous planning and execution of art in architecture projects

Since 2007, increasing specialization in designing and painting with and on glass

Since 2017, lecturer at the Vocational School for Sculptors in Bischofsheim



  • Group exhibition “Evas Töchter” opening on 17.12.2017 – 4 March 2018 at the Museum in Schwabach
  • Solo exhibition at the town hall cellar with glass art made from wine bottles
  • 2017 Participation in the Art Week in Ramsthal, exhibition at the House of Art with glass pictures and light sculpture made of glass and steel.
  • 2012 Glass Fair Düsseldorf, nomination with the “Meeresschale” made of glass
  • 2010 Glass Fair in Düsseldorf, nomination with the art in architecture project of the administrative building Heiligenfeld
  • 2004 – 2018 Participation in group exhibitions at the Art Association Bad Neustadt an der Saale.
  • 2002 New Fair Munich/ Exhibition and nomination of diploma thesis
  • 2001 Design Days Coburg
  • 2001 New Fair Munich

Solo Exhibitions

  • Art from glass and wine bottles at the Schlossweinkeller in Hammelburg (30.11.2017 – 23.02.2018)
  • Solo exhibition on the theme “Origin and Becoming”
  • 2017 “Dream Dancer” The playful handling of the material glass
  • 2013 “Sun Catcher” Solely to catch the light
  • 2011 “Light Traces” The encounter of glass and light
  • 2010 “Facets” Works between art and design