The genesis of this lies in Wine Art.

During the creative process, the idea emerged to create small pieces of jewelry resembling mini sculptures. Colors and shapes inspired by nature, by growth and water.

The expressive forms deviate from the traditional concept of jewelry and seek their own expression. Each piece is unique and handcrafted.

With my jewelry collection, I aim for closeness to nature and individuality. Timeless and extravagant jewelry of natural aesthetics.

“Jewelry needs the person who wears it, who identifies with their piece. It is only through wearing it, the associated movements, the light falling on it, that the jewelry comes alive. It complements its wearer, and the wearer complements it.” – Petra Markert

"The unusual shapes stimulate the imagination. That's what I find so unique and beautiful about this jewelry." - Rosa K. from Bad Kissingen

The glass motifs are wrapped with silver wire and securely fixed to the steel hoop. This fixes the motif in place; it is not designed to rotate or move.

Each motif is unique, and the glass elements are adorned with a genuine freshwater pearl.

The steel hoop is available in various colors with plastic coating and with a twist or magnetic clasp.

These handcrafted pieces are perfect as extraordinary and extravagant gifts. They add that special touch, especially on occasions like weddings.

Feel free to share your wishes and ideas for your own small jewelry collection with me HERE.