Administration Building of the Heiligenfeld Clinics in Bad Kissingen

Before the renovation

Client’s Brief

In the 1970s, an uneven flat building with exposed concrete blocks was added to the existing former villa. As a result, the villa’s character was completely lost, creating an imbalance in the design of the building complex.


The building should be given a representative and high-quality character appropriate for the administrative building of the Heiligenfeld Clinics through the design with new ideas.

After the renovation


The optical connection of the flat building to the villa was achieved through the targeted use of glass art elements. This building was given a completely new appearance through the artistic design concept.

The uneven buildings have merged into an exciting unit that attracts attention with its extraordinary and high-quality appearance.

For this project, a total of over 80 glass objects were installed, some of which were mounted on columns on the flat roof and some were installed as light installations on the villa.

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